Instagram-Ready Rose And Fruit-Shaped Desserts Are Coming to NYC

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LROOM’s signature dessertsCredit: Michael Creagh

Taking a cue from other online brands – like millennial favorite Glossier’s showrooms or, on a much grander scale, Refinery29’s 29rooms – that bring their brand to life via interactive (and, most importantly, highly photogenic and FOMO-inducing) experiences, online flower boutique LROOM’s first brick-and-mortar location is more than just a flower shop.

Inside LROOM CafeCredit: LROOM Cafe

LROOM Cafe, soft opening in NYC tomorrow, September 8, is a floral-themed dessert and coffee shop where flowers are part of the menu, incorporated into the decor, and available for purchase. “At LROOM Cafe flowers are a lifestyle, not a decoration, and visiting is an experience, not a transaction,” said an LROOM rep.

The star of the menu, of course, are the stunning rose- and fruit-shaped signature desserts, a collaboration between LROOM founder Xue Ling and pastry chef Carla Di Virgilio, the latter of whom has worked in two Michelin-starred kitchens in Paris. Ling was inspired by the fruit-shaped desserts she encountered in her Europe travels, and Di Virgilio took the idea a step further to create other desserts disguised as something else – a steamed bun, a chocolate eclair and (most notably) a rose.

Here are LROOM Cafe’s signature desserts:

The AppleCredit: Michael Creagh

The Apple: Fuji apple jelly with diced Granny Smith apples and a Jamaican pepper ganache

The PeachCredit: Michael Creagh

The Peach: White peach jelly and diced white peach, almond ganache and caramelized almond

The RoseCredit: Michael Creagh

The Rose: Vanilla bourbon ganache, rose mousse, raspberry insert and an almond dacquoise

The BunCredit: Michael Creagh

The Bun: Yuzu mousse, salted caramel butter, caramel sponge cake and caramelized hazelnut

The ChocolateCredit: Michael Creagh

The Chocolate: Araguani 70% chocolate, cream, passion fruit jelly and caramelized hazelnut

The LemonCredit: Michael Creagh

The Lemon: Meyer lemon and mint marmalade and a lemongrass and green cardamom mousse.

Each signature dessert is made with more than 15 ingredients and supposedly takes about three days to make, as Di Virgilio works in large batches and each from-scratch component requires time and precision. The vanilla bourbon ganache in the rose dessert, for example, sets in the refrigerator for 12 hours in order to achieve the perfect texture. Due to the complexity of LROOM’s signature creations, only a limited amount (around 30 servings) of each one will be available daily, though if you happen to arrive after they sell out there are other options available, like egg waffles and honey toast and cafe drinks including a glitter-topped honey latte.

Green tea egg waffleCredit: Michael Creagh

On the retail front, a selection of fresh, dry and long-lasting flowers will be available for purchase. LROOM will also offer customized bouquets and flower boxes, and there are plans for flower arranging classes in the future.

LROOM Cafe is located at 41 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011. During its soft opening it will be open Monday to Friday 11:30AM–10:30PM and Saturday to Sunday 12PM–11:30PM.

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