Some of the best bao and buns in all 50 states (and DC)


Bao. Baozi. Gua bao. Cha siu bao. Siopao. There are many varieties of this popular Asian sammie, including new versions that infuse other cultures into the mix. But all are unified by one thing: a tender, steamy bun. Some have evolved via the Pacific Islands, others through the Yucatan. And if Mexico has a lock on the term “soft taco” for the flour tortilla version, then Asia gets to check the box for “super soft,” leading the charge with the tender, marshmallowy wrapper of the gua bao. In 2018, all varieties are hotter than ever. Click on for one fun option per state, and be sure to leave us your local favorites in the comments!

Photo courtesy of iStock /NatashaBreen

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