Government shutdown – live updates: Trump announces deal to end closure in rambling address as US airports hit by major delays


Donald Trump has made an announcement regarding the government shutdown, as hundreds of flights were grounded or delayed at New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia airports.

The airport havoc came was one of the most tangible effects of the ongoing government shutdown, which is on its 35th day.

The flight delays caused mounting tensions between Democratic lawmakers and Mr Trump over the government shutdown, which originated following the president’s demand for more than $5bn to fund a border wall.

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Follow live updates below

Mr Trump implied he would consider unilateral action if he doesn’t get funding for his border wall.

The president says he now wants to install structures “in predetermined, high-risk locations” to be identified by the Border Patrol.

See Mr Trump’s Rose Garden address:

Trump says a bipartisan committee of lawmakers will meet to discuss the nation’s border security needs.

Under the new deal, the government can stay open until 15 February.


Mr Trump has caved on the border wall and agreed to end the longest government shutdown in US history: 

He has reminded viewers that he had a strong “alternative” at his disposal, seemingly referring to his earlier plans to declare a national emergency if he didn’t get funding for his proposed border wall – and that he had decided not to use it so far.

Mr Trump will soon sign a bill to open the government for three weeks.

Mr Trump is making his address live now.

Donald Trump has announced that a deal has been reached to end the government shutdown.

The White House and congressional leaders are reportedly near a short-term deal 
to end the longest government shutdown in US history, PA reports.

Congressional leaders and Mr Donald Trump reached a tentative deal on Friday to reopen the US government for three weeks and leave Trump’s $5.7bn request for a wall along the Mexican border to later talks, the Washington Post has reported.

The newspaper cited unidentified congressional officials.


Donald Trump is expected to make an announcement regarding the shutdown imminently from the Rose Garden.

Hundreds of flights have been grounded or delayed at three New York-area and Philadelphia airports as more air traffic controllers called in sick on Friday. The disruption is one of the most tangible signs yet of disruption caused by a 35-day partial federal government shutdown.


The National Air Traffic Controllers Association has issued a searing statement about the ongoing government shutdown: 

Hundreds of thousands of federal workers have been furloughed or, as with some airport workers, required to work without pay. Some federal agencies have reported much higher absence rates among workers as they face an indefinite wait for their next paychecks. (Reuters)

CBS News reported Mr Trump was expected to endorse a stop-gap funding bill that would offer time to continue to debate his demand for border wall funds, while assuring federal workers get their pay.

The White House declined to comment on the reports but it was making arrangement for the president to speak in the Rose Garden.

Mr Trump has insisted on $5.7bn to fund a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico but Democrats, who now control the House of Representatives, have rejected his demand.


President Donald Trump is expected to make a statement regarding the government shutdown at 1:30pm EST / 6:30 pm GMT.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says delays at East Coast airports amid a partial federal government shutdown are another symptom of the “federal madness” caused by Republican President Donald Trump. 

The Democrat says the delays are hurting the economy and impacting airport safety and security. His comments came at an unrelated event in Manhattan Friday morning. 


Having deemed air traffic controllers who are calling in sick “disappointing,” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said on CNBC that workers will eventually get their pay and that there is no reason why a loan would not be a reasonable option for workers who have been staring at zeros on their pay statements. 

“Now, true, the people might have to pay a little bit of interest, but the idea that it’s paycheck or zero is not a really valid idea,” said Ross, whose financial disclosure forms reveal $700 million in assets. 


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