The Science of Product at Expedia

By Sam Bradley, Senior Global Product Manager

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Expedia’s Product Managers use “the scientific method” to bring focus to what we deliver. Using this “test and learn” approach, we create hypotheses about our work, execute tests to determine its viability, and use the results to determine where we go and what we do or do not invest in.

The scientific method is a core principal of our approach. It brings a standard process and a common language for prioritisation and product investments. Product Managers collect observations about our business and customers in order to define a hypothesis for a possible change. Using data to understand the opportunity, we test our way into each investment on the website – from simple text & colour changes, to large-scale projects. We established this culture of test and learn over several years to quickly and continuously answer these questions:

What to build?

Where to invest?

What’s working?

What customer behaviours might change and what won’t?

Expedia’s Product Organisation is constantly predicting outcomes and outlining new hypotheses to test against. And the fascinating thing is, we’re wrong just as frequently as we’re right. And that’s okay – even encouraged.

Sam walks us through Expedia’s approach to Product Management, defines what the scientific method means to us and how we apply it every day.

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