Cost of Retiring Abroad – Portugal & Thailand (#Portugal #Thailand)

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In this Our Rich Journey video, we discuss the costs of living and retiring abroad in Portugal and Thailand. Did you know that the average American couple currently needs $3,300 a month to retire in the United States . . . and that’s just the average – many people need much, much more! To retire with $3,300 a month, a couple would need to have at least one million dollars in investments.

The problem is that most people aren’t able to save and invest one million dollars. So, what can someone do if they can’t afford to save the money necessary to retire in the United States? Alternatively, what can someone do if they can save one million dollars but they want to stretch their dollar even further? We discuss the solution to these questions in this video.

In this video, we discuss the benefits of retiring abroad and we discuss two great places (Portugal and Thailand) to retire. We also give a break down of the costs for retiring in Portugal and Thailand. Spoiler alert – they’re both well under the average American cost of retiring in the United States!!!

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